Postive(ly) French Toast

Jo is my kinda girl, she's got the whole brunch thing down, she makes kick ass Cosmo's, and she's an awesome professional who I stumbled across on an internship and said to myself "I'm going to be friends with that baby giraffe." 


So, the food, with the house move and renovation immenent it seemed a top priority to instigate a breakfast club catchup. The breakfast club first kicked off when a group, not necessarily exclusive but certainly clandestine, of us who shared a love for early mornings and delicious food had a little idea. Most of us lived within throwing distance of one another and it so happened that the main street was Elgar Road.  


Thus the Elgar Road Breakfast club was born. It now just so happens that the majority of the breakfast club have moved to the second city and still we find ourselves professionally intwined.  


I was really missing the excellent french toast that Maison Blanc would serve on my street corner in Henley on a lazy Sunday. So Jo and I searched around and came up with a hybrid recipe.  



1 tsp ground cinnamon  

1/4 tsp ground nutmeg  

2 tbsp sugar - we used brown to really make it caramelise

4 tbsp butter 

1/4 cup milk

1/4 tsp vanilla extract - we used some vanilla pod paste which tasted excellent! 

8 slices bread/brioche  

1/2 cup maple syrup  

1 cup creame freche


Set the pan to medium high and add the butter so as not to stick. 

Combine eggs, milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and whisk.  

Dip the bread in so as to full cover, as you place on pan sprinkle sugar on the top side.  

Leave for aroun 1 minute then turn for another minute.  

Serve with fresh berries, maple syrup and cream freche.  

 We then spent the morning running through ideas and experiences in the industry. We thought about ways in which ideas and perceptions have changed and continue to change. There are so many great mentoring program's out there to get involved with and she does such a fantastic job in supporting new starters. I guess in any field there can be so many closed doors and negativity, it can be so wearing. Instead of letting every dead end get to you, or every failed opportunity bring you down, just be so grateful that you've been there in the depths, because those are the most valuable lessons learnt. 


A few little mantras which play around in my head while I work hard on a pretty cool and live changing project with my family business, are the lyrics to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's Make the Money