Courgette salad

Observation: when it comes to this time of year, everyone's trying to part with their courgettes. 


Which for me, seeing as mine died an early death in the vertical garden this year, I love the things and will freely accept.  


Sans cheese this makes a delicious 5:2 fast friendly meal with so few calories, with the cheese though nah uh. Anyway, it wasn't a fast day so I went all out on this one.  



1 large courgette  

Mixed green leaves

Squeeze of fresh lemon

Dollop of balsamic  

Cheese cubes; crumbles feta, sliced mozerella, I used Swiss Gruyere which was in the fridge, anything works. 



Grate the entirety of the courgette into a bowl, toss I the leaves, drop in the cheese cubes, squeeze the lemon, drizzle the balsamic and serve!