Smash and Grab

"Those shoes look aggressive" I was told by a colleague. Aggressive I wondered, how can shoes be aggressive, "I don't feel aggressive" I explained. It's been a while since I've found myself in a fight, I'm signing up to Krav Maga lessons but that's a whole different conversation. Really though, it's been years. 


These little beauties certainly ooze more delicate luxury than violence. Looking back at old ootd's I miss the jagged industrial influences and gentle layers of leather. While last year an ambition of mine was to get better at drinking Tequila, this summer I've been trying to incorporate just the right level of industrial punk. 


Over the weekend on the south coast with my godparents, I found this cap. This was after a poignant moan about an issue that has been keeping me awake at night. There's a cap that I've wanted, I wanted just the right brim, but at the same time an ethical choice of fabric, I wanted something very off duty and hard wearing. Trying to source such a thing has been a cause of great stress. Anyway, the long and short of it is that I stole this piece from my uncle.


Blame the shoes for the thievery, I just couldn't resist the soft scottish woollen fabric. The soft and delicate feel, yet it's so annoyingly sport luxe. I wore this outfit to pick up some shopping for my 90year old granny and spent the whole excursion being followed by the shop security. It's hardly as though these Sam Edelman's would have got me very far in a smash and grab. 


Anyway, I managed to buy everything on Grandma's shopping list. I also threw in some of her favourite chocolate for good measure.


Also on a plus, it might be old age but I find myself so much more calm, perhaps even optimistic. When I started climbing I found an eerie sense of quiet in my mind. Stress evaded my thoughts and a glimmer of enthusiasm seeped in. Alot can also be said about a simple breath. A friend shared tips for getting over the wall on hill runs, she simply said, smile. It could be sleezy but there's alot of science behind simply putting a little more positively out there and seeing what you attract back.