The South Coast

It had been a busy day on the coast. They always are, seeing my grandmother and helping her out with shopping, taking her out for a drive along the coastline. When we're in the car her memory takes her back far beyond the last few hazy years and far back to her best moments in life. She was one of the strongest female swimmers in this country, and boasted cabinets of medals. As a stroppy teenager I once assumed her to be frail during a family game of cricket. She had no mercy and bowled me out in one hit then proceeded to jeer me off the pitch. Thanks. 


Once we had finished up our errands, my Godparents, pictured in the sea breeze below, instigated a dinner situation. We headed to what would be the police station in Broadchurch, but in reality is a lovely little restaurant and cocktail bar.  


Immediately I had food envy, despite being enthralled in my fig salad. We're returning to the Ellipse over the hat festival weekend, and because there's a party of 17 of us, I've got to make food choices now - now! AHHH I want everything. Last night I had a breakdown reviewing the menu "I don't know what I don't know, I want it all." The great thing for me is that they work with local farms where possible and source as much good chemical free ingredients as they can.  


After dinner and cocktails we dropped in at the Venner bar in the Bull Hotel. It has been years since I delved into a French Martini, so I delved, and it was done to perfection. Happy girl, ohhhh yes. When we left the house that evening I chose to wear a black Ralph Lauren vest with black asos skinny jeans, these Sam Edelmans and a blanket scarf from T Snooks. 


A perfect evening and a fantastic catchup. Love you both xoxo