Weekend Breakfast

When a man wakes you up with your favourite breakfast, organic fruit and champagne, you know you've got a good thing going. Not that I knew these fantastic traits when I met him that night in a comedy club in Berkshire. "Rhiannon, do you know that guy?" I directed her 180 to where he sat chatting to our other colleagues, she did "will you introduce me?" Anyway, thanks universe for that night of terrible humour but excellent company. 


Okay, the French Toast. He loosely based the recipe around this one but adapted to suit what was in the house. The strawberries were fresh from the farm shop and accompanied both the champagne and the yoghurt. The champagne was from our friends in Fluery and is the traditional selection with delicious minerality to taste. 


With renovation plans scheduledubdued weekend mornings are going to be a luxury, so it was perfect lapping up the calm before the storm. 


Cheers to an excellent weekend ahead!!