Excitedly, we all met by the riverside at the boathouse. The Von Trokes had briefly returned from Ethiopia where they are currently living and working with their two gorgeous young girls. Thinking about it, we hadn't seen them all properly since last year in the arctic circle, but following Leonie's blog it often feels like we're with them on their travels. 


We we all hit the river on our boats, the teams dispersed, mainly finding ourselves tangled in the shrubbery on the riverside.  

"Tell us a story?" Lucille asked, suddenly under pressure from my boat buddies it was my turn to come up with a fairy tale. 


"Okay. So there were three ducks, swimming along a little river in the countryside. The one duck said, 'ooh I'm so hungry' and the others said 'me too' and they were really far away from any pub so called the pizza delivery company. Eventually, when the pizza man found the ducks and delivered their pizzas, the ducks realised that they hadn't ordered gluten free alternatives and couldn't eat the pizzas anyway." Concluding my awesome tale I was met by silence, "That's a silly story." Cue the crickets... 


Luckily our dinner destination was just around the corner, and our punters had sharpened their technique. I still clutched onto the boat sides though... 

After dinner we had another date slightly northwards in Lancaster, so we hit the road. We started the morning with a Syphon coffee at J.Atkinson's Hall where Bob Dylan played favourites and a little reading was on the agenda. 


We headed back to dress from jeans, beanies and hoodies into something entirely birthday appropriate. Teetering in heels we arrived and the baby rugby tackle hugged me, I whisked him up into my arms and he directed me to the cakes "Baba that looks good" "yea!" He held out his arms waiting for a slice.  


CiCi had returned from South Africa earlier this month with loom bracelets which our cousins had made us and the Toddler asked so nicely "Trisha will you ask your sister if I could have one?" Luckily one of AJ's cousins, Nicola, had a stock of them with her and taught me to loom with pencils. She also made one perfectly sized and outfit coordinating for the Toddler. 

Over a delicious dinner we opened our calendars to pencil in the next catchup. 

Rachel, one of Teds gorgeous grandchildren had written a song  which she beautifully strummed. 

While my cheesecake was excellent, when the kids ice cream sundaes arrived the green monster arose. So to prevent any squabbles with the baby, the waiter executed mitigation measures and brought me my own little portion. Baby still got more though, not that I'm envious or anything. 

We had to bid our farewells to all and hit the road in time for another day in the office. Goodbye for now Lancaster, it's always great. 

As we left the heavens opened to deluges, we rushed some artwork acquisitions (that I can't wait to tell you about!) into the car and headed southwards.