Late last night I lay listening to the words of Alan Watts as sleep evaded me. 


Not that long ago, I became caught up in a motionless void, maybe it was amplified because of physical injuries, I'm not sure. On one of my gorgeous girls Vick's and my working Monday lunches in the manicured grounds of a pretentious somewhere, we shared thoughts on our recent life journeys. Our lunches grew out of a necessity for wedding work updates, but now remain a necessity for my sanity at least, I can't talk for the much more grounded little space cadet. Talking about our objectives we fell into the paradoxical thought batting of being something so as to allow us to keep on doing things we don't like doing. Making an effort to be a yes person is great and opens life to so many awesome experiences, it also helps narrow your interests and shape your values. I guess the more motion you accumulate, the more you define your own path.