Midway through a design meeting with stakeholders to determine how to mitigate interruptions to water supply within an area, a morbid thought crept into my consciousness. I thought about my epitaph. Would the world remember me one day for my photography and the joy I have shared with clients? Probably. Would I be remembered for my innovations and contributions to making the world a little better? Maybe. Perhaps it would be my love for horology which in turn has evolved my timekeeping skill? That's dull. 

The meeting adjourned, and with the confusion of a gap in my notes about reservoir output into supply, I rose back onto my hoofs. 

"Do you know how many times I've heard people say 'how does she walk in those'?" an area manager asked as we left the room. 

"Seven?" I asked very seriously with the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy binary in mind. He chuckled. "Guess I should put that on my epitaph." He asked if I was sick and dying, "I was, in that meeting" 

Dramatic hypochondriac and aversion to day long meetings aside, it's been a good week in the office. Stabilisation of air conditioning systems have allowed me to explore a comfortable zone with which thin thread shirts and chinos are okay. 

With regards to accessories, this Junghans timepiece is a new addition to pretty much everything. The borderline ridiculous nature of the upsized face is perfect and wonderful.