Tailoring at Snooks

Founded in 1896, T.Snook begun life as a small tailors supplying the south coast and rural counties. Concurrently the same period in time that the Dorset smuggling operations ramped down. Coincidence, well, not really. 

Semantics aside, Snooks was established by my Great Grandfather Theophilus Gideon who had a penchant, naturally, for tweed and fine tailoring. The shop evolved to accommodate headwear and horology - also tobacco but that was in line with the 60's market demand. Anyway, we dressed for clandestine family meal at a favourite location towards the coast. While I struggled to find something vaguely dinner appropriate, Andrew appeared ready in an outfit completely contrasting to the ripped jeans and dirty leather I planned to channel. Dammit. Another quick change and I was mildly ready for polite discussion over the catch of the day with my century approaching grandmother. Just to clarify, that's catch of the day in terms of fresh line caught fillets. 

Back to Andrew who didn't look like an escaped criminal, he teamed up a tweed bespoke blazer tailored to suit, with an evolved Carni type shirt. Between the blazer and the shirt, a bow tie could have been too much to comprehend, so he went with a slim-not-quite-mustard tie instead. The hat is a simple fedora in brushed wool which ties in his own blue jeans.

My grandmother, concerned about the bearded nature of the situation, instructed a shaving scenario. Luckily, Snooks also stock oldschool shaving cream and various hair removal utensils.