Ten years ago we sat down as a family and discussed whether everyone would be onboard with moving to Panama. I was absolutely down with that situation. Primarily because since a kid, I had a thing for Panama hats. Anyway, Panama became Ethiopia and off we went back to Africa. 

A decade on, I still squeal with delight when my family hatters receive new South American stock. This one is still making a recurrence in most of my daily choices.

Anyway, with unsure weather conditions happening, we headed out for a stroll and coffee situation. For the first time in, many months, I spent two days uncaffinated. It was a horrendous situation. My mind was upside down and the world just felt like it was coming to an end. I went with the whole decaf thing once or twice, but I think for me, coffee is so much more. It's a lifestyle and, meh, I'm not ready to leave it.