This week is packed with meetings and alot of corporate seriousness. I had been thinking through all the tasks on the todo list and worrying about my competencies. Eventually, I had to get out of my head and clarify things. So I put my minimal shoes on and headed out to make up a little distance. Outside, in the fresh air, experiencing the world and strengthening with every stride, all the stress dissipated. 


Sometimes, it's easy to forget the world outside the office space. As a result I surround myself with little reminders which take me back to moments of exhilaration. I accumulate rings from new cities and countries, these two are from Ethiopia and Bosnia, whenever I wear them they take me back to those moments of freedom and exploration of the world.  

The adventure bucket list for 2014/2015:

- Take part in the 2015 Mongol Rally 

- Walk the distance of Offa's Dyke

- Try out snowboarding 

- Run an ultra, either in race format or just with a great bunch of people.

- Return to Fontainebleau to boulder new heights   

The little fossils and rocks are slowly accumulated souvenirs from distant locations. A part of me truly believes in the positive energy from the earth, geodes are a constant favourite. 

My travel journals document moments, mountains, and a taste for adventure. Sometimes, with the daily grind, it get's tough remembering these moments. As a result, I'm all on board with small reminders, like custom phone cases and this one from *Mr Nutcase is my perfect reminder. I took the photograph high up in the air, tandem parapenting. Mont Blonc sits in the distance of the image and looking at the image I'm reminded of a few more adventure goals around these mountains.