Arriving back after a day in the office, I was met by a ball of fluff. Freddy has developed a penchant for obstructing internal doorways as he seems fully aware that if he does so, he's given alot more attention. 

Well, it worked, and the first thing I did was let him run some loops around outside. That was until organic mixed salad leaves halted him in his tracks. Shallowly he skidded over and stuffed his head into the pot. While waiting for him to digest, I sought soundtracks and populated playlists for various commuting situations. After the haenous m42 migraine today which landed me 15miles in the wrong direction from Andy's office... I kinda figured the likes of AWOL nation and imagine dragons might improve navigation. I even had to stop sharing my journey and ETA with him on Waze as I invisaged him checking route progress only to find me abandoning him and scampering away at 40mph restricted motorway speeds. 

Anyway, I ended up in the right place eventually... 

Along the way though, I got thinking about the polyester high street madness of a shirt I was in. The faded colour, only describable as cigarette smoke stained yellow. Lunchtime conversations about tailoring prompted an interesting debate about practical considerations for real office environment. The whole reason I've omitted all dignity and by the book corporate wear with transparent tops the past week has been because of poor internal climate control. Just another consideration in the long list of practical choices behind tailored office wear. 

Following a little birthday celebration last week, I've fallen for this little bunny necklace charm. It's completely appropriate, but then again, Fred seems to prefer seating himself in neckwear position...  


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