Post Pinot Noir

A game of extreme table ping pong in a chalet high in the Alps last month was the result of earlier Mitchelen wine tasting. Between serves an idea sprung to mind. "We should do this more often" 

So, the six of us got together with a pool of wines, cheese, huskies and an intense jigsaw board.  The evening was fantastic and spending time with gorgeous buddies was a perfect mid week treat. However, my premeditation of the situation failed to take spare clothes for the next day at work into account. 

So, inevitably, the walk of shame was noted. 

While the boxy Zara sale steal of a dress made for a classic post Pinot Noir situation, an injection of neon feathers and Venetian murano turquoise brought sleep deprivation together, almost as though it was intended. 

Anyway, between season trench - check, over utilised Cambridge satchel - check, 40no. Pins holding hair together - check check. 

Have a fantastic day ahead guys, I've got to get into the office, get through a few presentations while trying desperately to forget about a house I've found on the market...