Pan Continental

As far as bank holidays go, this weekend was pretty fantastic. Pan continental family gathered for a few days of exploring, lots of eating and a whole lotta late nights sharing hilarious stories about our ancestors. 

Andrew and Cousin Graham explored local ales and we all clustered ourselves in the kitchen where collectively some great dinners emerged. Dinners turned into lost hours laughing and sharing family moments. 

While Caroline and Graham are used to the sight of wild game around the gardens of the Kruger, they encountered two balls of fluff. Vivaldi came across a human she hadn't yet taken ownership of and proceeded to stand on Graham's feet and nudge his leg. Fred was just okay with limitless cuddles and a sprig of parsley. 

Bank holiday Monday was then spent climbing followed by an uncomfortably intense gym session. Unable to function due to over fatiguing muscles, we took a few moments in the sunshine, harvested more David Austin roses from the huge climber outside. 

Then it was clearly time to pass out in murderous awe to the final episode of Hinterland - which by the way is fannntastic if you have a thing for eerie silence, fantastic filmography, the Welsh countryside, and delicate creepy details.