So this morning I opened the bedroom window to find a wave of rose scented hay fever cascading in. The huge trailing rose bush had somehow managed to bloom in the small space of a minor heat wave. An antihistamine later, I picked a few vase-fulls and dotted them around the house scenting rooms beautifully. The rose bush is an old double headed David Austin Rose variety, at least a decade old by now and still growing strong. 


A small Moroccan glass, containing a little cutting, had fallen over in the warm breeze. With the unbroken glass and a small stain of water on the floor, I noted the flower had grown legs and two fluffy ears and made it's way behind the sofa. The two bunnies love munching down on fresh petals, especially roses. Vivaldi, in her post rose consumption digestive state slumped on my shoulder as we foraged for more leaves and herbs. Freddy then darted around my feet in the fresh breeze, demanding tall grass seed which had grown from fallen bird seed. These two are the most stubborn yet affectionate little creatures, with an absolute love for anything fresh, organic and clean. Like Bunny like Human. 


Anyway, we headed out to grab a bite to eat. Making the most of the weather, a little river spot was on the cards. It made such a difference to post winter sanity heading out and eating by the river. It finally seems like summer is here to stay...