I anxiously packed the car with a multitude of contractor wear. Including 1990's umbro tracksuit bottoms - purely in the event that the task at hand led to an organic smoothie run in a white van. Hitting Lancaster after a M6 northbound session I loaded up on beet juice to dull the memories of congestion, trauma subsided when we popped by my very gorgeous sister in law's. Planning for chateau escapes we completely forgot about the job at hand. 

The next day commenced as any normal crossfit session - with a sledgehammer, 80kg deadlifts and HIT sprints. Except, we weren't in a crossfit studio. Andrew's parents had a 5m x 8m concrete slab, breezeblock wall, and earth mound which needed cracking out. Obviously, we stepped up to the challenge. Four of us worked solidly with a variety of manual labour utensils. 

As the sun peaked and begun falling, my phone alarm rung. I had set it to ensure that we made it to JAtkinson to stock up on coffee before it closed. 

Smeared with rubble, skin layered with pungent sweat and dirt, arms scuffed from breezeblock tossing, I had to shower and return to cleanliness. This Gap dress has been a favourite, blue and orange polksdots? Of course. I also teamed it up with a panama hat from TSnooks.