You hear yourself mumbling

After the whirlwind of nervous auction sentiment last night, sleep struggled to come to me. Eventually my eyes closed to nightmares about tumble down walls and piles of rubble hiding something sinister. Restlessly tossing and turning through the night the alarm went. I woke with a deep gasp and bolted upright "get up now and then it's one more day until friday - c'mon."  Talking aloud to myself in an uncaffinated daze I stumbled around, falling on the floor, rolling in a mess of a human state, it was like the scene in Wolf on Wall Street where Leo attempts to drive his Lamborghini in an inhumane state - this clip here.  

Anyway, watch the video, that's pretty much me in an uncaffinated state. Actually, this scene from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas also comes pretty close to attempting to dress for the office prior to the morning coffee thing. 

Long story short, I left the house wearing this shift I had debuted at my Grandmother's 90th birthday over the weekend. Accompanied by a T.Snook's scarf to hide the makeup stains around the neckline of the dress. Arriving into the office clutching a pan au chocolate and coffee to go, my office buddy commented on my regal facade. It seems that from afar the wine stains, the fatigued make up stains and overlayered crumbs nestled within the layer between lace and slip, are disguised.