Bidding Bouquets

It was so nice to get back to this little bear this evening. Walking in, he hopped around at my feet and demanded fresh herbs. He also has a thing for dandelions so I headed out to gather some flowery nibbles for this one. Freddy refused to deviate from my shoulder for at least half an hour - I'm not sure it's because I looked like a bouquet with this dress or just because he missed me. I'll assume the latter but it's probably the first that's more applicable. 

Okay let me tell you about today. Reluctantly I crawled out of bed just before 6am - I work part time with an engineering consultancy as a network designer and 6am's a normal thing. 

A quick filter caffination started things off as per normal. We get the J. Atkinson Coffee Companion which might just be the greatest life saver. 

After the filter I started slowly kicking into life as Andrew drove towards our office. The face started falling together but the bags under the eyes are a continuous headache. The four hour daily round trip commutes are starting to get the better of me. Not to mention way too many near miss catastrophes on the motorways. Anyway, we've decided that it's time to hunt for somewhere closer to the office. Today we had an auction on the agenda. 

The search criteria was altered after the initial viewing last week when we popped in for caffination at Norjske in Edgbaston. 

With slightly clearer skies we checked out a new rightmove notification for a property in the adjusted drawn search area. It also just so happened to be within skipping distance of Norjske and so of course... we popped back in for Ginger Beer and organic Mendoza - tick and tick!

With time marching on we had to head out of town towards the auction house. Nervously I sat in vintage flowers, surrounded by men in dark suits who played poor poker faces. Things didn't work out on this one. There will always be another though, and checking up on things I realised how time had flown. 

Flagging after the session of quick fire bidding, it seemed appropriate to regroup at The Plough in Harbourne. We considered adjusting the search criteria to agents to include a walking radius of The Plough but there's being particular and then being ridiculous.