Cordobes De Cabeza

Regrouping under the south coast sun, the family gathered within the walls of the patio behind the family outfitters. We sat bare armed beneath the rays, within the walls of a once ropemakers cottage, now a terracotta patio with olive trees and a welcoming atmosphere. 

The guys lolled at my head to body colour ratio - it was completely imbalanced after a week under the high sun in the alps. My torso covered by base layers and goretex while my face, covered only by a BB factor 30, darkened. Heckled and jeered by father and godfather, I found a solution to this mismatched situation sans St Tropez. 

In the guest room, I had spotted a very old hat box. I knew what it contained without examining the contents. There's a cultural difference between Spanish regions and their choice in headwear. This one was an old and beautifully kept Cordobes. I returned to the Mediterranean scene with head protection to allow for my arms to adjust pigmentation. 

Perhaps it's just time for a spray tan... or tropical destination...