Lastminute Tartlets

There is no better way to whip up a lastminute tray of snacks than with a roll of puff pastry. You know those times when you haven't managed to make it to the supermarket and you're pressed for time and would really like to spend more time getting ready rather than cooking? Well, that's me down to a Tee, if there's an easier way that doesn't compromise health, I'll take it. 

All butter puff pastry is normally packed with lots of fat but less chemicals, so go for the real stuff but less of it. 

These lastminute tartlets are quick and easy and you can normally substitute or add ingredients depending on what's in the fridge. Today we had some leftover smoked salmon which worked perfectly with half an onion and half a head of broccoli. With the broccoli and onion I just blitzed it in the food processor to chop it nice and finely. There was also some parmesan in the fridge, but if we'd had blue cheese that would have worked deliciously too! 

Instead of making a sauce to add in, I used a fine spread of English Mustard. Of course this can be anything from Pickle Chutney to Horse Radish. 

Roll out the puff pastry, I made rectangles of around 5cm wide by 8cm long, then coat with a fine layer of your relish. 

On half of the rolled out sections, add the ingredients, leaving a little room on the corners to secure the two halves together. 

Once the filling has been precariously stacked, fold over the empty half of the pastry gently covering the filling, then press down the edges to close the tartlet. 

Pop on a baking tray and cook for the recommended package time or until lovely and golden. 

Then serve and vicariously consume!