5 Recipes to try this Holiday

As many of you may know, when it comes to drinking cocktails, I will pass. When it comes to making cocktails and wonderful drinks, then my enthusiasm is engaged. It may be the result of too much consumption but when it comes to flavours and different tastes, singularly I will enjoy all the ingredients. 


Come evening, the best reincarnation of agave is preferably served over iced lemon to a death proof esq soundtrack. 


After watching an elephant indulge in Amarula fruit and behave in parallel with myself with a tequila head, my passion for the drink was amplified.

When it comes to celebrations, my favourite two drinks are Prosecco (or pink champagne) and vodka. So with new year antics pending, it seemed only rational to combine the ingredients to make a lovely celebratory cocktail. 

So, Mimosa's, they might be my one favourite cocktail, primarily because on weekends in beautiful hotels and headbanging circles, it is utterly appropriate to accompany breakfasts with Mimosa's... 


Memories have kept me from gin experiences ever since the Ethiopian skinny dipping incident of 2009 - with a Coptic priest, an assembly of arsenal, Russians and, I'll stop there. Anyway, five years on and wholly organic here I am sipping my sustainable fermented Grenache and who pops by - The Tipsy Tarts. One of the Tartlettes has been a dear family friend for yonks now, and antics often conclude with cheek pinching giggle fits.  

So, we toasted to deliciously sweet and oh so summery cherry vodka Bellinis - let's say it together... Viokda... In a Red esq manner from Orange is the New Black.  

I assumed naively that the next toast would be to more "Voidka..." but instead... Lizzie piped up "Ginnn!"  

Crumpling in fear I fubled for excuses. Eventually, with this beautiful cocktail in hand I gave in. It was deeelicious. It tasted like summer, we tried it both with prosecco and tonic water. I preferred the prosecco because it just sweetened the taste of the lavender so much. 

This one's now on my list of favourites!