Fast food

The whole concept of tofu has never really grasped me. Perhaps it's just too nineties in the whole era of Clueless and glitter hair grips. Or perhaps it's just being over thought here.

I was won over with this dish though.

Gently fried with a dash of garlic and olive oil, it takes shape. For added bite, chickpeas are delicious, with of course a handful of spinach to taste. 

Rice noodles are a cupboard basic, we buy in dry packs of them. Sometimes for work, a nest of noodles takes three or four minutes to cook in boiling water and can be made fresh in the office. 

Once a few slices of tofu have been gently fried, boil the noodles, and combine. 

Basic and easy meals make up week day staples, especially if they can be made up quickly.