Broiled Grapefruit

We always have grapefruit to hand, they're normally strewn through the house in some form or another. Sometimes juice, sometimes frozen cubes in the fridge, and then, there's broiled. Broiling grapefruit sounds so much better than grilling, right? It's the same thing either way, you slice it, and pop it under the heat. 

While you can smother it in sugar to try to make it tastier, but I'm more a fan of honey and a sprinkle of palm sugar and cinnamon. 

It's nice and easy, slice the fruit, de-seed it. I like to chop the base off so they sit flat under the grill. 

Appropriately smother to taste, local unrefined honey is a favourite. 

Grill the fruit under a medium heat for around four or five minutes. Keep an eye on it and let it brown gently. 

If you're not a bitter fruit fan, let me assure you that when grilled gently, the juices become sweet and oh so delicious. 

As you plunge into the broiled fruit, the soft sweet juices ooze deliciously. 

It's a reality that not every day can be pancakes and french toast, so I've got some hacks like this one that give you so many good nutrients and set you up for the day.