Like a glove

We went out for a walk amongst the trees. I wore this vintage piece of mine, along with relatively relaxed off duty jeans and glorified slippers. 

Fluffing this jacket I felt like I was smishhhing, which could be exactly the same motion as a bumbling peacock. Either way, I love it. 

In other news, my hair is just long enough now for a little chignon and middle parting - without bobby pins. It feels like it's been years since this moment. Not that I'm a long hair person necessarily. 

Red slippers are a favourite at the moment. I wore them just the night before for a wedding reception of our friends in Marylebone. 

Cue Ace Ventura "like a glovvveee"

Oh also, the daily videos are still going strong, day 5 is up and day 6 is underway. I'm kinda enjoying this....