White and Gold

This H&M Blanket  looks incredibly cosy, but I'm still on the hunt for a wonderful alpaca wool piece. If you can, go for local wools, you can normally find them at craft centres, but try etsy or orange harp too. I popped into TKMaxx the other evening to pick up some copper pans, but I got overwhelmed by the selection of candles. This Candle  looks gorgeous with the marble effect glass casing. I've been thinking about this Gold Branch for a while now, wondering whether or not to try a DIY version first. With so many destinations still undiscovered to me, I can't take my eyes off of this golden Wold Map. There's something quite awesome looking at our little planet. Okay then there's this Desk Lamp that is ridiculously beautiful, most winters I'm engulfed by sleepless nights, and writing comes to me like rumbling waves of thunder. A small desk lamp is on my list and the golden elements to this one is so warming with its clean lines. Lastly, I guess I'm kinda morbid, but this Porcelain Crow Skull is serene and beautiful.