Mid Century Romance

A few weeks back, a friend asked how our renovation was going. Wow, it had been so long since any movement on the purchase of a flat that I completely forgot about what the interior was like, or that we were buying it anyway, hell I'm ready to flit towards the middle east. Perhaps its the universe throwing stones at me to pull out and follower happier paths, perhaps not, I'll hold my tongue for now. 

So, I got thinking about the space, and how the rooms work. There seems to be a mid century frenzy at the moment - I blame made.com in a good way. While I'm a sucker for chesterfields, this low arm rise sofa - especially so because it works as a sofabed. Similar are available at ikea, the one we're moving down is lovely and structured too and will sit below some breathtaking work by Alan Stones. 

That's another thing, it's been like a little secret of mine, the Alan Stones pieces. I had the most wonderful experience meeting him, actually wonderful isn't quite the word. If you've ever met someone with their eyes truly open to the world, with so much raw talent to give, so much of his being, then you understand that there really are no words to encapsulate those moments. 

 But, you'll find out about it soon enough, art aside, or, not really, there's this Arteriors cluster pendant lighting that I've been thinking about obsessively, along with this chemial free Cashmere blanket  that pretty much makes up the entirety of my soul. Topping it all off with a pairing of this sunburst wall mirror and of course, a brass fox, of course!!