10 Delicious recipes to try this week

This super easy Black Bean Salad recipe is packed with so many immune boosting vitamins and a healthy dashing of soluble fibre. It also stores well if you overmake for leftovers the next day. 

This French Toast recipe brims with spices that will give you every kid of boost possible. Add a big topping of seasonal fruit along with yoghurt, 

I've got a confession, I wolf these Muffins with a nice big dollop of soy ice cream. But they're great because they store easily and can be eaten through the week ahead. 

You know those days where you think, I'm ready for a big delicious blow out meal? Well this Potato Dauphinois recipe is one of comfort and such richness. Be sure to find some great cheeses for this recipe! 

This Cauliflower Pizza has to be the perfect meal. You can manage the toppings and adapt it to be vegan if you want, but I've got to admit that a smothering of blue cheese works pretty well too! 

Apple and rhubarb... mmm mmmm mmm! A delicious pair, not pear, pair! This, like the lemon and poppyseed muffins above, can be made in advance and stored as an easy breakfast grab through the week. 

Let's say it together in Bravado... Bisssscooottttti! If you've just said that out load like me, I'm sure Paverotti's ears must be bleeding. 

There's something so primal about lentils, they're one of our earliest foods and when we weren't in caves munching on raw buffalo we were eating these kinds of foods. I'm a huge fan of doubling up this batch and saving leftovers for work the next day. 

Can you tell I love French Toast? The geographical spacing of Maison Blanc to our home in the South East was not a coincidence, I had a thing for their French toast. 

You know those days when you think "I want cheesecake now" well bookmark this recipe. It's delicious and easy and depending on how you adapt the ingredients, dictates how good this could get - my tip, go full fat and have a little less.