Where'd the bananas go?

After a lunchtime stop and catchup with the team in Negele, we had a few bits of shopping to do before heading to the Von Trokes home. 


"Beep Beep" our little driver was ready and waiting "come!" she called to us. 

We doubled back into the heart of Negele. The sound of echoing excitement and rich depths of spices and scents led us towards the market. 

We needed some good bananas. Ever since travelling with our buddy Al, I have this thing about waking up to a banana and pint of water to kickstart the day. 

Apparently on a lazy afternoon its a thing to just up and leave your shop. We drove around from shop to shop until turning a corner to find this one. Chala jumped out to negotiate and brought back a good selection.

We moved through the streets, winding our way past the herds of cattle waiting in the road, past the groups of kids shirking in excitement to see two little girls rather than the usual swathes of UN representatives or travellers. 

I always find that the best way to get a feel for somewhere is to head to a central market square. Like the Piazzas of Italy or the Market Square of Marrakech where the souks spill out, even the sleepy towns in France liven to le marche.   

We needed some good cabbage and other veg, so we stopped at this guys shop. He clearly had the best selection in town. 

It was beautiful taking in the pride he exuded for his own grown produce, it was an overload on the senses just seeing so much beautiful colour amoungst the dirt roads and brown sands. 

After stocking up on some of his produce we then moved further down the market. Again attracting crowds around the girls who just politely chatted away to anyone who's listen. 

Leonie (who has a beautiful journal of their journey here) popped out to negotiate some fresh potatos from a lovely and gracious trader.

The fantastic dishes that Leonie made for us at her home is a perfect testiment to great produce and innovative cooking. These potatos were later cooked up for their Gojo party later in the week. 

Both beautiful woman bridged the language barrier with smiles and a mix of basic English and Amharic. 

She aldo had some delicious smelling spice, kinda like paprika.  Another explosion to the senses as I inhaled the delicious fragrance. 

We headed back to the car, thankful for such a wonderful variety in such a rural location. I thought about the man with the wonderful produce and hoped that perhaps we could learn a lot from self sufficiency. Maybe it's just a pipe dream, but you couldn't deny that this town exuded a lot of happiness. 

I couldn't help but slightly deface Chala's vehicle with a "me so dirty" graffiti. He didn't see me do it but when he dropped us back he looked at me with a raised brow "noooo" I lied with rising initiation and scuttled away.

The sun was setting over Negele and it was time to make tracks. Goodnight Negele Borena, thanks for being a great place to recharge.