Breakfast in the Treehouse

It was around 5am when a colossal altercation begun in the forest. A tree behind our cabin, hundreds of years in age, shook with two groups of baboons fighting for territory. 


I bolted up in the bed as the roof thumped with the noise of their landing. Andrew found the head torch to check the floor for critters before we jumped up.  


Of course, pffff, I entangled myself in the mosquito curtain. I flapped around, much like the moth I could hear in the night. We quickly showered, dressed and grabbed the cameras and shot out to catch the sunrise.  


Swinging open the door I disturbed this guy... 

I'm not quite sure which one of us got the bigger fright. My vertically muted stature almost left me eye to eye with him, but for the added intimidatition factor he leapt into the tree beside me. "Uh, hi bud." He just stared, unimpressed, and not even bovvered. 


We we left the cabin and headed  along the path, listening tentatively for any signs of hippos at the lake shore. 


The sun beamed through the trees and glistened on the water. After such a long night of fighting and screams of wildlife, the sunrise brought an eerie quiet.  


We continued through the bush, heading towards a very special treehouse. 

The staff at the restaurant felt like old friends, they shared their expertise about the forest, their knowledge and experience about which animals are more approachable than others. 


With cups of coffee in hand we headed through the dewy grove of trees, another baboon, this one a little smaller than the guy above, sat in our way. The treehouse staff member advised that we can just walk past them without bother. Perfect, he just turned and strolled back I opt other bush, shoulders pulled back strong, presumably stationed to make sure the pack they fought off through the night were gone for good. 


I stationed myself in a spot in the sun, listening to the rustle of the trees...