Make the Money

It's obligatory. 

When the leaves start turning, cue the winter layers. 

You may have seen this jacket quite a bit. It was a handmedown, which kinda makes me feel better about the fur collar. But not quite. 


Things seem to be becoming real now, in over two weeks time I'll undergo surgery in my wrist. Looking at my hands in the below ootd I kinda worry about the claw like nature of my tarsals. You know, I used to be a pretty awesome golfer? While I golfed for my county, I also practiced forms of karate twice a week. In addition, I was a pretty awesome pianist - I was going to study composition at University, but the whole "oh gawd theres no cash in art let's do something sensible kicked in" Dammit Macklemore where were you when I needed those Make the Money lyrics. Anyway. Things are becoming real, and real is scary, I'm not going to be able to do the things I love until late November when I start on the road to recovery.


That's a long time. 

Luckily though, I have an awesome team who will keep these pages going. I keep waking up and looking into the darkness outside thinking, wow, another day, I'm so blessed. 

Oh, you see this? 

I'm doing a daily vlog through October. 

If you can tolerate my voice, have a watch.