Choosing floor tiles

At the moment we've been working on producing plans and spreadsheets filled with details for prospective builders. 

One of the large purchases is going to be tiled flooring, inside the house we're looking at around 70sqm and subject to cost we're looking at an extra 40sqm outside the extension. A few companies have sent out samples for review, I've got to admit that I really like the idea of using Dorset Stone, it's local durable and a part of my heritage. 

You may have seen via instagram that we've got a new site to share the works, aptly named Pointers End. If you have a chance, head over and connect! 

Starting the day with green juice

After reading the Miracle Morning I've been trying to kickstart a change in behaviours. Waking up a little earlier to prepare for the day, clear some headspace and set out with the right intensions. 

Part of that is green juice prepared the evening before. 

This is a favourite of mine, with frozen banana and avocado for sweetness. 

Ahh... have a great day ahead! 

Felt in the fields

To combat increasing energy from the dogs, we grabbed the bikes this evening and headed out on a little four mile jaunt across the fields.  

I haven't wracked up too many miles on my new Felt Nine 6 Carbon yet but we get out most evenings for a short ride. The ground beneath is so dry it makes it a real challenge on the hands!  

AWS Live

Hi! Thanks for popping by, this will be the first post of many daily notes. After a wonderful bank holiday weekend I'm revived and ready for a busy week ahead.  

Today sees the start of a great relationship with a new client, I have a lot to get up to speed on but know that it will be a great chapter ahead.  

In other news we've got a tiny little black bird fledgling that has moved into the garden, I'm totally cool with this, the dogs however are not so okay with our little inhabitant. So they're being let loose in the fields out back rather than the garden for the next few weeks.