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Waddesdon Manor

Impromptu decided to join the National trust. It was one of those hot sunny Sunday afternoons where we didn't quite feel like an intense hike through the countryside or a long trail run let alone a bicycle ride with the pups. We wanted a gentle amble at most and even better it was there restaurant to obtain a glass of iced crisp wine on the way. Also we want to take the dogs! 

So we ended up at Waddesdon manor. A huge sprawling palatial French home nods to neoclassic architecture set within the rural countryside. Apollo and Aura were allowed with us if kept on leads and the walks where Long enough to stem their energy and justify big glass of wine at the end. 

A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Rosie Hardy Photography Workshop

Ahh my soul today is just buzzing with happiness and love for these wonderful new friends. What utterly special, beautiful, humans these are. Thank you all for an amazing time together and particular thanks to Rosie for her amazing inspirational skill, vision, and sharing pieces of her unique and oh so beautiful soul with us - and also this super cute picture! This one is going in a frame on my desk! Love you all xoxo 

Lunchtime card making

A great winner with my job is that I get to visit and co locate at different client offices aswell as our own. Historically I work best in new locations, establishing great relationships with a wide range of fantastic people. 

Today, in a regular client office of mine who have lots of lunchtime events, activities and learning sessions, a card making session was underway - yes please! 

Refreshingly, we were lead by an expert card maker and scrapbooker, chatted away happily and were able to create something immediate, tangible - so far from the usual activities we champion in the office. 

With mothers day just around the corner I created a suitable card. We worked to create cards out of grids of 4 items with washi tape, stamps and crimpers. 

Creativity in the workplace, I'll take it anytime! Huge thanks to Julie for her excellent tutoridge and patience! 

🐶🐶🐶🐶 four Vizslas!

 This week we have had my sister in laws two dogs staying with us while they are on holiday.  You will note that we already have two of our own and with two more, basic maths dictates four in total.   Four large hunting dogs in two up two down old terraced house has been quite the situation! 🐶🐶🐶🐶

  Today we have completed 19 km of walking over three separate walks and five hours in total. This has just started to knock their energy levels a little,  presenting some much needed peace and quiet with sleeping dogs beside the fire! 


Throwback! 😬🤣

 If you’ve read this blog for minute you’ll know that it’s pretty old 👵👀  it’s coming up to its 12 year anniversary soon.  The strange thing is such a long history captured on these pages is like opening an old diary while sometimes it may allow you to walk down memory lane with rose tinted glasses sometimes it would just make you cringe!  

 I found myself looking back over a decade at photographs I chose to share across these pages.  

 These are for highlights which jumped out at me 😬  we’ve got the drunken banana Republic silk dress which I wore as a staple and have great memories with friends and those I adore. 


 Then there’s the vintage thrifted jumpsuit   which I equally adored and often wore it to client offices with a tailored blazer and ridiculously high heels. 


 At one point in 2008 I posted posting that in this seasons wardrobe alone I had 72 dresses.  Back then I was certainly a maximalist whereas now in my own old day age I have become a minimalist.  The dress below was one of the 72 dresses 👗  and for some reason I chose to share photograph of me in that dress hugging a tree in Ethiopia 🤷‍♀️


 Lastly I had to share this hilarious photograph from 2006 where I am wearing a vest top knee-high socks and some kind of bug eyed sunglasses whilst drinking a can of John Smith lager in a field somewhere in North Wales 🤪 


 History can never be forgotten it can only be looked back upon and lessons learnt from it.  Many of the original posts are still on these pages and I like to keep them as a reminder of what not to do in life 😓

So not Ordinary 🙌🏽✨💁‍♀️

You may be aware that I'm a serial gua-sha-er and jade roller✨. A couple of years ago I discovered the benefits of rolling and the impacts have been massive. 

  As part of my skincare regime I use a combination of serums and gentle acids to nourish my skin - in conjunction with a plant based wholefoods diet, which nourishes from the inside out 💁‍♀️

Future planning and High Tea 🤗✨

Twenty odd years ago I met three girls in a new school. Together, we grew and transitioned our way through life together. In a school module where our enterprising skills were tested we named our first mock business Jewelz, because back then anything cool had a 'z' at the end of it. 

We've started the year of celebrating milestone birthdays, with KBish first, followed by Wills, me then DeePea. 

For the KBish bash, we accidentally found ourselves high tea-ing in a retirement village. 

This was by far the best way to instigate future hilarity. We decided to consider returning here in a few decades time, but for now, we'll just keep looking after one another, always having our backs, standing up for one anothers often great but sometimes dumbass decisions, we'll keep prioritising health and well being, sneaking away spa weekends and holiday jaunts, we'll babysit Ted, lift one another and keep on building a future together until the day we all get blue rinses together. 

Swell by Jenny Landreth

Strolling around my favourite bookshop in Thame, I picked up a book I've been itching to download on Audible. Flipping through the pages this wonderful mustached man stopped me in my tracks! The book is Jenny Landreth's personal account of swimming, and it's all a bit toungue in cheek and taking the mick. Anyway, the man standing beside record holder Agnes Nicks was swimming coach to both the Queen and Olympic teams and he still holds an unbroken world record for athletics.

Anyway, he's my late Grandmother's Grandfather, Walter Brickett and damn I wish I could have some conversations with him about his adventures. 

The best working spot 👌🏼✨🌿

Daily, I stand in awe. It's been a year now and I am still struck by breathtaking moments where I have to pick my mouth up off the floor because this little home and village of ours is overwhelming. 

Most of the time, when I'm filling these pages with my thoughts, I'm in this little spot with my collection of little spiritual tools. 

As the diaries fill up with duties, steering WISP Global, sharing my knowledge and journey with others, committing to learning and engagement with the APM, CIM, RSA and other groups, I'm finding less and less that I have to switch up a glass of wine while writing for perhaps a tea or kombucha. A part of me would love to be a burnout Wolf on Wallstreet, but the realistic part knows that I can gain so much more from nourishment and adopting a slow approach to growth. 

So, here I sip my feverfew tea with my crystals and sage smouldering away, a beautiful Tibetan singing bowl to uplift and endless stacks of notebooks with thoughts captured.  

Office Breakfasts

Last night I made a big bowl of soaked chia seed in home made cashew milk. I left it to soak overnight and added cacao nibs and freshly chopped fruit for a big chia bowl when I got into the office. 

A pretty great start to the day! 

Try these great recipes... 

Kale in the garden

No joke, I've got a load of kale starting to sprout in the garden! This plant is in the front garden in a small narrow bed and has clearly been loving the sunlight of late! 

We've got loads of veg and salad leaves planted in pots in the greenhouse which are also starting to show tiny little stems appearing from the soil. Looking forward a summer of home grown salads! 

Pottering around Thame

The next town from our village is called Thame, it's a spot that I never truly appreciated a few years back when I lived in the area. 

Now, it's a favourite spot and compared to our village, a metropolis! We often find ourselves jumping in the car after a long walk with the dogs, and hunkering down in a coffee shop reading the papers. 

Not a bad view eh? 

Around Bath

While the dogs are having a weekend away training, we're having a weekend away catching up with family in the beautiful city of Bath. 

We've sipped thick and divinely sludgey hot chocolate, wandered the city and fantasy house hunted. One thing the gripped me was the amount of big pointer dogs and hunting dogs being walked around the city, as we passed a Weimaraner Andy said to me "I'd move back to the West Country" and immediately my feet felt itchy! 

Eric Snook's Toyshop, Bath

A relative of my late grandfather passed away last year. He was Eric Snook, the owner and founder of Eric Snook's Toyshop with a store in Bath and another in Covent Garden. 

I remember this shop so well, as a child visiting from Africa we would often pop into Bath while staying with family in the West Country. Every time we visited the city we would pop in to Eric Snook's. He took utter pride in selling rare, collectable and specialist toys, including a huge range of Steiff bears... I had a full trunk of them all beautifully sewn and collectable, they would sit on a shelf that ran the permitter of my bedroom in South Africa - with an apt sign on the door engraved "The Toy Shop." Years later, preparing to leave the continent, my father dropped off the chest of bears at the dump. Yup. 

Anyway, while in Bath we popped in to Eric's shop but alas no enticing bears to replace my collection. 

Combatting Jetlag

It's been a busy start to the week! One of my projects has a whole lotta milestones coming up on it at the moment so catching up on emails and progress has taken a lot of time and effort. 

One of my WISP partners and his wonderful family invited me to crash at their house in rural Staffordshire last night which was immensely appreciated! Their family are Vizsla breeders and have Aura's family, so I got to catch up on loads of Viz love! Returning home Aura could smell her family on me and was incredibly jealous - so as I started crashing she curled in beside me, snoring away on my pillow... 

Sheep and Directors

This evening the WISP Global directors met to catch up on the state of the company and celebrate a fantastic first year of trading. 

Steve our MD gifted me this ridiculously cute little sheep - a small momento for nomination this year to become a Freeman of the City of London this year. As a Freeman you are permitted to walk sheep across the city and freely over bridges, a leftover bylaw from many centuries before. 

Here's to another great year of growth ahead!