105 LED fixtures

I’m working from home today. So I wake as usual before six, this time I log in and start work on project admin and contracts and finance.

Two hours later I hear Andrew wake upstairs, he comes down and sets to making coffee. A little after finishing a delicious extraction we gear up in thermals and goretex. We head out for a loop around the back fields. Outside the air is icy. Depending on the direction of the wind, the hills either protect or inundate us.

We walk, we extend further towards the next village.

A regular neighbor passes with his furry companion running free.

The red kites sit in treetops and on the field floor.

We loop back around and head back towards the house. In the back I can hear the gentlemen hard at work. I pass a threshold waiting for a window frame and see Ionut “Salut” I shout and wave. Inside I put the kettle on for a round of four - one with milk and sugar, the other four black.

There are a few more hours left to finish up my schemes for the week. They pass. I have a few calls. Occasionally silence is penetrated with the screech of machinery. Papa Murf pops in and runs through the plan. I print out detailed calendars and we work up a programme of how to cover the next few weeks. As he talks about levels outside with Andrew I receive a message from my father “Are you at home” we’re all connected on Apples Find my Friend, he knows I’m at home just like I know he is. We facetime and run through the work outside. There’s a new hole in the wall between the temporary kitchen and the outdoors. Silviu comes inside and they pull pipework through the walls.

Just before midday I issue next steps to a team I’m working with. Then, Papa Murf heads home and we pile into the car to head out for lunch at our neighbour and dear friends cafe.

We’ve texted the orders in advance and they’re plating up as we enter. What absolute gems. The coffee is delicious. The men have big breakfasts, I have beans and hashbrowns.

Over lunch we chat constantly. Silviu is such a great chap and I’ll miss our existential chats when he’s finished the work. The afternoon passes. Andrew and I pop out to look at electrical components and get an estimate for approximately 105LED ceiling fixtures (tiltable and visual temperature controlled). Then we head into a kitchen store. We have our kitchen layout, we know what we want, but we' check out their products and ask a load of questions about some of their products. In the end we leave with a catalog and business card.

Leaving the town Andrew says that he wants to pop to the supermarket, but then deivates from the route to the normal supermarket that we use and have a bank account with to collect points from food and fuel - so far I’m halfway towards a long haul flight.

Anyway, inside the store I grab two large bags of wonky avocados. We pick up an armful of organic cavalo nero and two bags of turmeric root. For about ten minutes we stand in the beer isle "let’s grab some larger” Andrew says, we’re picking up a few to toast the end of the week with the guys. “We should be supporting craft brewers though” I protest, which is completely hypocritical considering only recently I sold my minuscule stake in a global beer company - with a happy profit. We settle on uk brews.

Arriving home it’s just one of them left packing away the site for the evening “beer?” Andrew asks “of course!”. Outside we stand chatting about politics and furniture factories. The sun dips below the horizon and we bid farewell for the day.

Inside, with heating on full to account for the gaping hole in the wall, we curl up and eat bowls of fruit and vegetables and finish watching The Startup on Amazon Prime.

Patricia SnookComment