Wait a while

I wake late with the sun. A coffee later and we’re winding the car up the hill to the forest tracks. 

The wind is howling. The tress are shaking. The car park is full. 

With some Project Management books to catch up on ready for an exam next week, I offer to stay and wait while Andrew finishes a red trail with a black ascent. Twenty eight minutes later the pups pp their head up and I hear Andrew skid back to the car “want to do the blue?” he asks. I decline, the wind is too strong to take Aura out, she’s terrible at getting lost if she looses our scent in the woods. 

I’m anxious. I feel unsettled. 

I have no signal and Lottie, her husband and the boys are due to stay today. I relay the concern and as we descend the hills my phone messages arrive. Their car is having issues, the boiler is broken, the toddler has an ear infection, they’re running late. 

We arrive home, Andrew showers, I clean, he cleans. I’m hungry so we have vegan burgers from the freezer. We crack open a beer. 

My mother sends an image of my Bobbas nephew and his mother, Bobas sister inlaw, have been visiting them. We then discuss an ongoing issue that we’re dealing with. I pour a glass of white Sauvignon which Andrew soured, he says it’s too zesty for him, for me it’s perfect. The situation is pretty complicated. While I preach I sip another small glass. As we bid farewell I watch Lottie pull up in the drive. Andrew pulls the kids out the car and there are scooters and bikes and he’s showing them how to pull wheelies. 

Lottie and Wes ask how I am and I tell them things are so messed up but we are coping. Everyone now is safe and that’s all that matters. 

We share beer and wine and the boys play on their iPhones. 

Before we know it it’s dinner time and we walk out to a curry house around the corner. The six of us sit, the boys are amazing. We chat. We talk about holidays with the boys, where we’re going next. The oldest says he wants a long weekend in Rome. Lottie and I talk about a yoga retreat in Morocco in October. She asks about a mutual friend, I tell her about something I’d completely forgot about which is completely scandalous. We cover our mouths in both surprise and to conceal the contents from the kids. It’s a skill I’ve learnt from her, to convey messages inaudible to prying ears. While I am terrible, loud, full of laughter, exaggerated, she is gracious, just like her brother. 

The food is fantastic, I pick vegan choices made out of a series of side dishes. It tastes fantastic. 

We all leave, the bill is light. While this is a fantastic spot, it’s incredibly cost effective. 

Looking for something vegan and sweet we drop into the supermarket. I choose mint dark chocolate, biscuits. I ask a member of staff if they have any papaya in the back. They don’t. 

We arrive back at the cabin. Andrew breaks into a Bordeaux boxed wine. We joke about it. He Wes and Lottie lived together, they shared their first mortgage with one another. It was just after meeting him over a decade ago that we headed back to their place after a lot of drinks, Lottie and Wes weren’t there but I remember seeing a boxed red on the side. Wes joked about it. I poured a peppermint tea and sipped. 

The boys head to their bedroom. I’m exhausted so hug everyone goodnight and take the pups through to the bedroom. The shower is cold. I listen to a meditation playlist then shiver onto the bed where I finish a yin yoga flow beside Aura. 

Patricia SnookComment