Monday, you whirlwind

In the depths of a dream about a supermarket isle, I hear a distant alarm. Reality pulls me back away from end of isle deals and into a gloomy monday morning.

Damn. Mondays. I switch the bedside lamp on and search for the phone. I had fallen asleep late after a couple of hours chatting to one of my dearest humans. Then, after existential life planning with her, I binged listened to Hansons String Theory album ready to see them with Wills in February.

Sluggishly I follow Andrew downstairs, greet the pups with kisses on their ears. We open the back door and I pull wellies on and follow them out. The walls are ever increasing in height and work is fast moving.

The smell of coffee and croissants call to me. We shiver back inside and I clutch my mug. I once witnessed a client have a late night breakdown over office dishwasher ettiequte. Due to a lack of diligence on the part of other office members, the dishwasher wasn’t often emptied, so, in a falling down moment I witnessed him bin around forty generic corporate mugs as my team worked late into the night to deliver his scheme. From that moment I emptied my bag of any porcelain mugs, this one this morning being one of them, and instead chose Bodum travel mugs. I hate this mug. It’s from Sainsburys and teal and polkadot and a funny shape. I want to bin it. Instead I glug the columbian roast from it.

I moan about what to wear, saying something about not having black tights to pair with my brown A line cashmere turtle neck dress. Then Andrew reminds me of a pair of Tesco hosiery on the kitchen side. Yes. Decision made.

I hug him a long goodbye and wish him the best for the day.

Then after dragging a brush through my hair and using both the Clean and Gum Care settings on the toothbrush, I leave.

Leaving the village there’s a lane closure and police waving traffic. There’s been a crash at the usual spot. The second I’ve seen in the last two months.

Driving I listen to an Audible book I’d picked up on Deal of the Day last week. It’s about murder and detectives - all the things I love in a fiction book. I listen intently and drive with cruise control between 70 and 65mph. This tank has got me 800miles, while I miss my soccer mom SUV, this dad estate is saving me bucks.

I arrive at a client office, greet everyone I see by their name and take a hot desk.

The day flies by with meetings and updates and sorting out contracts and finance. I open my 2019 Planner and start aligning both project dates and personal dates so I can earmark holiday options without compromising on key projects.

I chat to my colleague about the house and the progress. With a discerning taste in design I share my Linge Rosset Togo, Dwell Rocker, Rattan and Stone dining, Ektorp chaise.

Then I leave at a time which seems early. I need to refuel and drive the car through a wash. I see a regular face at the garage. He’s chirpy as I ask for “and a VAT receipt” and then I see a beautiful journal behind him with the most beautiful cursive handwriting. I tell him just that. It’s stunning.

As I sit in the car listening to the Audiobook, I think about gratitude and thanking people like him for the exchanges which make a difference to my day. I make a mental note to next week consider a “year of gratitude” exercise to do just that, write letters of thanks.

The journey home is quick, Andrew calls as I pull into the village. He’s picking up suitcases from our Storage lockup. I pull into the driveway, greet the builder. From the lane I can no longer see the back door, he’s added about another half meter in height today. I greet Papa Murf my father in law. He arrived late last night to provide the most immense help to us with the build.

Then I video the dogs playing and send it to an Aunt. As the message sends, I start on making up a stir fry for dinner.

Andrew arrives home, we eat, we catch up with the Builder, then I shower and collapse into bed with some fruit and a few journal entries. Ah Monday, you whirlwind.

Patricia SnookComment