Square Mile

Early I wake, there’s a lot of work to get down and out for review on behalf of a great client.

Four quick hours pass as I get some key deliverables out for delivery.

I make my first coffee, sip it, then indulge in another few hours.

My alarm goes, Cici texts. I was planning on wearing a great default Cos dress with black tights, but Cici is freezing on route and needs all the help she can get. So I swap up the Cos for black chinos and a lace back jumper.

Arriving at the train station there’s no parking available, anywhere. So I miss the train and say out loud to my guiding light “Give me a space”

Nevertheless I park up and grab the train.

I arrive and enter the square mile, the perimeter of the City of London. The independent sovereign state which holds a controlling stake in global commerce.

Cici arrives and we grab lunch at a vegan spot just opposite the evening venue. We find a spot overlooking major business centres, at the table next to us, a businessman makes small talk as we seat ourselves.

Having not seen her for the last month and so many ridiculous things happened, we talk non stop for at least an hour. Then we talk about the city below us. Right now my business is based in the West Midlands but country wide presence is a no brainer. Personally I would like a presence in the City to grow and develop the industry. At the same time, I wonder if in ten years time I will be a part of this industry, or whether I will instead sit on a board of a different sector. We talk about how we’ve got ourselves into these situations. While we have had immense support and coaching from family, at the core of it, we just have a problem with authority. Or at least I do. I never care for rank or race, or age, or gender. I care for you as a person.

We talk about all sorts. Then return to the Guildhall as we have a few minutes to spare. I’ve been wanting to walk the basement of the Guildhall Art Gallery to see the foundations of a Roman Amphitheatre for years. Finally we do it.

Then we return to a church opposite the LSE. There, we have the most wonderful private carol service with music that makes my skin prickle with goosebumps.

We chat happily to fellow guildmen. I am in awe of so many of these leaders. They are our mentors and share values with one another. We then follow one of our old Masters, he’s retired, over six foot and wear a bowler hat and crisp suit. We head to the aptly named Mercers Restaurant. There are two dozen of us in total and we have a large table in our name. Through the evening we don’t stop talking. In moments I catch myself, thinking about how each of these people have instigated global change in their time, from forming the financial systems in place today, to pioneering legislation, political movements. But at the end of the day, we are simply here to support one another, to have one anothers backs.

We leave abruptly to make the next train home. Through the evening I don’t indulge in glasses of delicious Sancerre, or Pinot Noir, instead I’m on sparkling water to drive us home. It’s after midnight before we arrive home. The pups are elated to see Cici. Then, in an exhausted haze, we try on bridesmaid dresses for a pending family wedding. It’s the early hours before we fall asleep.

Patricia SnookComment