Gong Soundbath

Flying across the earth to a range of serene blue mountains, I found myself grounded all of a sudden.

I was tied up, bound to the earth with so many thin ties, string. It was like the hanged man card of the tarot deck. I could simply reach up and save myself, yet at the same time, I couldn’t. I felt the gravity of the earth, the pull of the ground, the weight baring down.

Then, from the skies, black ravens descended down to my body. They attacked my eyes, hollowing out the sockets. A flock gathered, expediting my intestines. The pull of the earth growing stronger. The magnetism, the end, then finally, darkness.

While I felt myself in the ground, I also knew that I was free, my spirit was free. Not in a post life way, but in a connected way, being a part of everything. My chest opened in breath and I looked down to see the feet of an eagle soaring high.

As I inhaled I heard and saw the word “space”, I exhaled, inhaled “space”, exhaled, inhaled “space”. Remembering to breathe I felt the body within the earth and the air between the bird in the sky. I was one with it all, the metal magnetism of the earth, the fire that created rock, the earth, the air, and the water pumping through our bodies.

The sound of the gongs vibrated through the liquid within my body. There was a deep feeling of oneness.

Slowly we were called back to consciousness. I covered my eyes one final time to see through the third eye, there it was. I smiled, welcoming it back. It was as though the mental fog had been shaken from my mind.

My last sound bath was in a makeshift garden room in Bali. There I had become a dragon and soared above my body, looking, circling, then guiding. It had been a defining visceral experience. A part of me missed that dragon, that feeling. I hoped it would come back to me this time. But this time I needed something else, I needed the reiteration of freedom.

In fact, after the past events of the week, I needed that the most.

Patricia SnookComment