A haze

I hear the alarm downstairs at 4:40. In a haze just four hours earlier I had mistaken the time on my alarm and set it too late. I leap out, pull on jeans and uggs and thermal layers.

Downstairs I make a large coffee for Cici and I to share on the drive.

It takes a while for the car to defrost. Then, we’re on the road, it’s a 40 minute journey to the train station. In that time we talk about the Guild, about Christmas away, we talk about the Patriarchy and family events.

Before we know it, we’re at the station, I wait a few minutes until she messages to say that the train is on time then ten minutes later she calls to say she’s en route.

I drive back, feeling tired only when I’m five minutes outside of our village when I wind down the window for fresh air.

Once home, I retreat to bed beside my husband and fall asleep for an hour.

Papa Murf pops in to greet us. There was a backup plan for him to take Cici most of the way back that day, but a combination of extremely cheap train tickets and pending strike action later that day made the other plan more attainable.

I’m exhausted and we chat about progress and plans. He is an absolute wonder. I often comment with his other SIL that he is like Liam Neeson, when needed he will move mountains for his family. I fall asleep for another half hour. Then I have to make a call on behalf of my client. I sip coffee then dial in.

In bed I finish a report and then fall asleep again. In this time Papa Murf heads home for the weekend, an utter hero.

The day falls away. We pop into a nearby supermarket where we load up on raw ginger and coffee. I slice the ginger at home into a tea pot and sip it with ashwaganda powder. I’m fighting a pending flu.

At around 8, I fall asleep.

Patricia SnookComment