Royal Society of Arts Fellowship!

Well today has been a whirlwind. After meetings in a client office I sat working away as the afternoon passed. An email rolled into my inbox from the Royal Society of Arts, the subject line read "Welcome to the RSA Fellowship" my heart stumbled and I couldn't shake a huge smile on my face. For my natural innovation, new ideas and passion to drive and instigate social change and development, my efforts have been acknowledged with a tremendous accolade. 

My late grandfather, who I had been thinking about as my cousin Katie Alice and I walked the streets of Bath just a few days ago, was also a Fellow many years ago. His writing, publications and passion for knowledge sharing was a huge part of his personality, and in many ways I feel that as I age I see more of his personality traits within my own. 

Andrew has picked up one of my favourite Prosecco's and is plating up a wonderful dinner so I'll leave you be for now and will tell you more about it in due course!