Long Breakfasts

Ahh saturday... where have you been my whole week?! 

After a fantastic night last night with grilfriends and mentors, I'm slowly shaking into life with pancakes, fruit and a little journaling. 

Pizza and Cider

Headed out this evening for a catchup with friends and colleagues after work in Coventry. We lost hours into the evening chatting and planning our break in Sicily later this year... and chomping down on pizzas, both savoury and sweet! 

The lot of them are such strong women in Engineering and I couldn't be more proud of them all! There's a whole lot to be said about having a great tribe who share your values, outlook and passions.  

Thanks ladies for a lovely catchup! 

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Office Breakfasts

Last night I made a big bowl of soaked chia seed in home made cashew milk. I left it to soak overnight and added cacao nibs and freshly chopped fruit for a big chia bowl when I got into the office. 

A pretty great start to the day! 

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Royal Society of Arts Fellowship!

Well today has been a whirlwind. After meetings in a client office I sat working away as the afternoon passed. An email rolled into my inbox from the Royal Society of Arts, the subject line read "Welcome to the RSA Fellowship" my heart stumbled and I couldn't shake a huge smile on my face. For my natural innovation, new ideas and passion to drive and instigate social change and development, my efforts have been acknowledged with a tremendous accolade. 

My late grandfather, who I had been thinking about as my cousin Katie Alice and I walked the streets of Bath just a few days ago, was also a Fellow many years ago. His writing, publications and passion for knowledge sharing was a huge part of his personality, and in many ways I feel that as I age I see more of his personality traits within my own. 

Andrew has picked up one of my favourite Prosecco's and is plating up a wonderful dinner so I'll leave you be for now and will tell you more about it in due course!  

Kale in the garden

No joke, I've got a load of kale starting to sprout in the garden! This plant is in the front garden in a small narrow bed and has clearly been loving the sunlight of late! 

We've got loads of veg and salad leaves planted in pots in the greenhouse which are also starting to show tiny little stems appearing from the soil. Looking forward a summer of home grown salads! 

Pottering around Thame

The next town from our village is called Thame, it's a spot that I never truly appreciated a few years back when I lived in the area. 

Now, it's a favourite spot and compared to our village, a metropolis! We often find ourselves jumping in the car after a long walk with the dogs, and hunkering down in a coffee shop reading the papers. 

Not a bad view eh? 

Breakfast at the Rudloe Arms

I woke early, the sun streaming through the windows from the gardens outside. Shaking into life I grabbed my book and made my way to the hotel restaurant to grab a coffee and read. It's a favourite time of the day, in the quiet early morning especially in the warm morning light. 

I pulled up a table and shortly the rest of my family appeared, I sipped coffee, Katie Alice sipped through pots of tea and we chatted about the day ahead. 

We ordered breakfast and feasted... 

Dinner at the Rudloe Arms

After an early checkin and exploring the grounds of the Rudloe Arms, we met in one of the drawing rooms of the hotel for G&T's before dinner... because, well, Katie Alice and I are daughters of two great sister in laws who too meet for G&T's before dinner, well, lunch too, but Katie Alice and I aren't that hardcore. 


We sat sipping, chatting, laughing. In excitement to catchup I hadn't quite clocked my surroundings... first it felt like I was being watched, then I looked up to above the mantle to find dozens of eyes staring down at me. 

We quickly proceeded to the restaurant, where we ate and drunk and laughed and chatted until the room fell empty and the staff cleared around us... 

A pretty great end to a pretty great day! 

Around Bath

While the dogs are having a weekend away training, we're having a weekend away catching up with family in the beautiful city of Bath. 

We've sipped thick and divinely sludgey hot chocolate, wandered the city and fantasy house hunted. One thing the gripped me was the amount of big pointer dogs and hunting dogs being walked around the city, as we passed a Weimaraner Andy said to me "I'd move back to the West Country" and immediately my feet felt itchy! 

Eric Snook's Toyshop, Bath

A relative of my late grandfather passed away last year. He was Eric Snook, the owner and founder of Eric Snook's Toyshop with a store in Bath and another in Covent Garden. 

I remember this shop so well, as a child visiting from Africa we would often pop into Bath while staying with family in the West Country. Every time we visited the city we would pop in to Eric Snook's. He took utter pride in selling rare, collectable and specialist toys, including a huge range of Steiff bears... I had a full trunk of them all beautifully sewn and collectable, they would sit on a shelf that ran the permitter of my bedroom in South Africa - with an apt sign on the door engraved "The Toy Shop." Years later, preparing to leave the continent, my father dropped off the chest of bears at the dump. Yup. 

Anyway, while in Bath we popped in to Eric's shop but alas no enticing bears to replace my collection. 

WISP Dinner at Al Faisals, Birmingham

Last month, we as WISP celebrated our first year together. It's been a whirlwind and one of our favourite spots that we've visited together is Al Faisals in Moseley in Birmingham. A lot of the team have been based around the city on various contracts over the past year and it's a great spot to meet at. Also, the food is pretty fantastic too! 

Combatting Jetlag

It's been a busy start to the week! One of my projects has a whole lotta milestones coming up on it at the moment so catching up on emails and progress has taken a lot of time and effort. 

One of my WISP partners and his wonderful family invited me to crash at their house in rural Staffordshire last night which was immensely appreciated! Their family are Vizsla breeders and have Aura's family, so I got to catch up on loads of Viz love! Returning home Aura could smell her family on me and was incredibly jealous - so as I started crashing she curled in beside me, snoring away on my pillow... 

Sheep and Directors

This evening the WISP Global directors met to catch up on the state of the company and celebrate a fantastic first year of trading. 

Steve our MD gifted me this ridiculously cute little sheep - a small momento for nomination this year to become a Freeman of the City of London this year. As a Freeman you are permitted to walk sheep across the city and freely over bridges, a leftover bylaw from many centuries before. 

Here's to another great year of growth ahead! 

Birthday Celebrations out in Canggu

Munching our way around Bali at fantastic independent locations. As part of birthday celebrations today we've been lounging on the beach, practicing yoga and meditation, and now out for drinks in Canggu! 


Staying at the Serenity Eco House in Canggu in Bali and it's certainly a test of patience at times. The yoga is wonderful, however there've been a few issues with the rooms for our group. 

So instead, I'm just taking a few minutes out and having a chat with this happy smiley Ganesha! 

Hi Ganesha ✌🏼✨

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